Livestream | February 2nd to 4th 2021

Germany’s role in Europe in the year of the federal election

For the first time, Der Tagesspiegel, DIE ZEIT, Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche invite you to a joint start of the year »Europe 2021« to discuss the issues we urgently need to tackle in Europe in the undoubtedly challenging year 2021 – from strengthening democracies, European digital sovereignty, a common European internal market, to climate protection goals in the year of COP 26, the upcoming UN climate conference in Glasgow. While Europe still has to stomach Brexit, a revival of good transatlantic relationships under US President Joe Biden is within reach. Meanwhile China extend ist role on the world stage. Last but not least, the general election will determine the poltical agenda in Germany.

The hashtag for the event is #Europe20XX.


We look forward to welcoming you as a participant in »Europe 2022« next year. You can register for the event now. The specific date will be announced in the coming weeks.



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