Germany’s role in Europe in the year of the general election

For the first time, Der Tagesspiegel, DIE ZEIT, Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche invited to a joint start of the year »Europe 2021« to discuss which homework we in Europe urgently need to tackle in the again challenging year 2021 – from strengthening democracy and digital sovereignty of the continent and a common European internal market until our climate protection goals are met in the year of the UN climate conference in Glasgow. All of this against the background of Brexit, a new opportunity for transatlantic relations under US President-elect Joe Biden, the further strengthening of China on the world stage and the general election in Germany. Thousands of viewers were there online when we discussed with leading decision-makers from business, science and politics how the European project can advance economically and socio-politically in 2021 and how it can maintain its position in the world.

The hashtag for the event is # Europe20XX.
The event was carried out by the Convent Society for Congresses and Event Management.




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