Europe 2024

Global Competitiveness: European Business Leaders Paving the Way Forward

Europe at a Crossroads?

In the year of the EU parliamentary elections and the US presidential elections, the European Union is in distress. Crisis after crisis is putting unity to the test and calls for practicable solutions – regardless of whether it concerns politics, the economy or our societies.


The key questions are: How can Europe master these challenges and is there reason for long-term optimism?

How Europe will emerge stronger from the current crises is the overall theme of the two-day conference “EUROPE 2024” – hosted jointly by DIE ZEIT, Handelsblatt, Tagesspiegel and WirtschaftsWoche on 19 and 20 March 2024 from 9 am through 6 pm – live on stage in Berlin and on our digital stage. With “EUROPE 2024”, we are bringing Europeans together to discuss current and controversial topics. Join us and register here for the digital livestream. Participation on site is only possible by personal invitation.


The following topics will be discussed with experts from business, politics, science and society:

  • How do we promote Europe’s ability to innovate in global competition?
  • What opportunities do AI and digitalization offer for economic growth?
  • How can we create security of supply and accelerate the energy transition at the same time?
  • How do we shape relations with international partners – from China to Turkey, from the USA to the UK?
  • How do we consolidate European unity – both internally and externally?
  • And how do we strengthen the security architecture in Europe?

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